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Scholarship Winners

AANR Northwest may award a $1000 scholarship annually to a qualified recipient who shows particular promise that higher education will enable the student to realize his/her full potential and reach his/her goals. The award is based on merit alone with no reference to financial need, sex, race or religion.

Eligibility and Scholastic Requirements

  1. At the date of application: a. The student's parent(s) must have been AANR Northwest member(s) for the past three years; or, b. The student is an AANR Northwest member who is over 18 years old and who has been a member for at least two years.
  2. Students enrolled either full– or part–time in any United States 2– or 4–year college or university will be considered.
  3. Grades: a 2.5 or better cumulative GPA, or a combined total SAT of 1000 or better.
  4. Students must be high school graduates. All high school seniors, and college students who start and continue their higher education before age 27, are eligible for this scholarship.

Instructions to Students

  1. Complete the linked Scholarship Application Request Form. (download appendix in AANR-NW Ruling Documents). When we receive this form we will send a scholarship packet with the application and questionnaire required to apply for the AANR Northwest scholarship.
  2. Complete and return the application. Ask your AANR Northwest club official to complete the questionnaire and return to the scholarship chairperson no later than May 1. (The entry is not complete until both items are returned.)
  3. Request your school records from the principal or counselor. A letter in the application packet will assist you with this request. These records should be mailed directly to the scholarship chairperson in the envelope provided.
  4. The scholarship winner will be notified by June 1, and his/her name will be announced at the AANR Northwest convention.
  5. All scholarship monies shall be paid directly to the college or university of the student's choice.
  6. If the recipient fails to enroll in a 2– or 4– year college or university, the scholarship will be awarded to the runner-up. (If there is no runner-up, the money remains in the AANR Northwest General Fund.)
1985 Lee Williams The Willamettans
1987 Kathy Huntington Fraternity Snoqualmie
1988 Christine Hurley The Williamettans
1989 Karen Hutchins Fraternity Snoqualmie
1990 Karen Hutchins Fraternity Snoqualmie
1991 Sara Conditt Kaniksu Ranch
1992 Stephanie Zimmerman Lake Associates
1993 Sara Conditt Kaniksu Ranch
1993 Stephanie Zimmerman Lake Associates
1994 Stephanie Zimmerman Lake Associates
1995 Yvonne Fox Kaniksu Ranch
1996 Yvonne Fox Kaniksu Ranch
1997 Kari Thorene Fraternity Snoqualmie
1998 Elizabeth Poole Kaniksu Ranch
1999 Jessica Thompson Regional Associate
2000 Amy Szarkowski The Williamettans
2001 Heidi Franck Squaw Mountain Ranch
2001 Jessica Thompson Regional Associate
2002 Heidi Franck Squaw Mountain Ranch
2003 Heidi Franck Squaw Mountain Ranch
2004 Heidi Franck Squaw Mountain Ranch
2006 Jamie Hedrick Sun Meadow Resort
2007 William Beernink Kaniksu Ranch
2008 Stefan O'Neil Lake Bronson
2009 Stefan O'Neil Lake Bronson
2010 Stefan O'Neil Lake Bronson
2011 Elizabeth O'Neil Lake Bronson
2012 Brea Capshaw Sun Meadow Resort