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There are multiple ways that a club can communicate with AANR members. Here are instructions on how to make use of these communication channels. Please check out Contact Us to email to our officers, directors and the club presidents.

Submitting Happenings/Events on AANR.com

Clubs have a faster, better, and broader opportunity to promote their events on the AANR website by submitting events online at aanr.com. The old password for the Clubs area no longer works. Each club has been assigned a username and password that was emailed to the email address AANR had on file for the club when the new website went live on September 2, 2010.
To submit, go to the Clubs area which can be accessed in the upper right corner of the aanr.com home page.
  • Log in with your assigned username and password.
  • Go to Manage Happenings in the right margin.
  • A form will appear to upload your happenings/events.
  • Copy and paste or write your happenings/events. Be sure to include contact information for your club and the date of the event.
  • Events can be current or future events.
Once you click submit, an email is sent to AANR for approval and editing. Once approved, you will receive an email from me that your happenings/events now appear online. If you are having problems logging in, please send an email  eleccomm@aanr.com. The email address for your club can be fixed if it has changed. The club password can be reset if it has been forgotten. For any questions or problems, please email eleccomm@aanr.com. or call the AANR office at 800-879-6833, ext. 238 .

Updating the AANR-NW Calendar

The AANR-NW Calendar runs on the aanr-nw.org web site. This calendar can lists events from all of our clubs. Each club were should enter their events into this calendar. The Digital Communications Committee provide you with a user name and password for your aanr-nw club. A tutorial on how to manage events on this calendar can be found at http://thenakedwebmaster.org/tutorials/WebcalTutorial.pdf

Using eNews

The eNews is a moderated email list with over 500 subscribers. This is not a general discussion list, but a list for notification of special events, special news, etc. To send an submission to the eNews, simply send an email to eNews@aanr-nw.org.

Contributing to the Nudescene

The Nudescene is a AANR-NW insert in the AANR Bulletin. It is published four times per year.
  • February issue - deadline December 15 of the previous year.
  • May issue - deadline March 15
  • July issue - deadline May 15
  • November issue - deadline September 15

Each issue contains

  • Upcoming calendar events
  • Club articles (limited to 100 words)
  • Articles about major club upgrades
  • Articles of general interest in the region

If you have a photograph for the Nudescene, you must have a signed photograph or model release form. E-mail the photograph and release as attachments and retain the original photograph release. Unless we are in possession of an signed AANR Photo Release from each individual in the photo, the photograph cannot be used. The forms are also available through the AANR website, or you can write to nudescene@aanr-nw.org. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Photos may be in jpeg, bmp or other similar type of graphics file. The higher the resolution is the better. Photos definitely make the newsletter look better to our members.

Send all Nudescene submissions to: nudescene@aanr-nw.org

Contributing to the Morning Report

The Morning Report is sent out seasonally to inform direct members of the region about events they may enjoy. 

To do this we need your information.  In short paragraph format, please send me the event, date(s), cost and description of your activities.  It will go out to all our Direct Members so whether you are landed or non-landed, send your information to: